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Post by Courtney Shayne on Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:27 pm

about the bulletin
the bulletin is the most widely used way of getting gossip at hogwarts other than through word-of-mouth. since most are afraid to go into the bathroom containing the word-marked wall of gossip leading back to 1965, this has been the most popular way to get gossip and secrets you know about others true or not out to the entire school to where occasionally teachers talk shit about each other on the bulletin. the most widely used way of contribuating secrets is through a small cardboard box placed in the center of every common room with it being emptied at the end of every week, so there is frequent updates that allow all of the students and staff access to gossip, no matter how vulgar the info may be. the following is how you may submit gossip or how gossip may be seen.

a. PM the account Courtney Shayne your info about anyone at hogwarts.


b. if you witnessed anything in a thread in character wise, tell a random character to spread it a few other people since sometimes just PMing the account is too simple.


c.  thread a lot! no matter which characters you use, a thread is bound for the potential to have juicy gossip. wanna reveal something about a character through there for the bulletin to pick up? go right ahead, no one is going to stop you.

 the following are the rules to stick to when sending stuff for the bulletin:

a. the use of slurs. this means the n-word, f-word (unless you decide to use it to describe cigarettes in a more edgy way, just make sure to word it correctly.), the r-word, etc.


b. the use of gay as an insult, just don't do it. if you're gonna use gay to describe someone, it has to either mean homosexual or happy.


c. try NOT to send gossip about your own character(s), leave that to other people unless there's a dry spell.


d. if you're sending gossip about characters sleeping together and whatnot, make sure to do it in a tasteful way since it's not mean girls with the burn book or jawbreaker with the covering up of an accidental murder - it's just gossip.


e. if you're going to target people in a slanderous manner, just don't keep all of your focus on one person like it's only you and them are the only person on earth, it gets stale after a while and we'd rather not have a player get singled out. just keep a balance between good and bad gossip since there are those who could seriously get hurt if their character is always mentioned in a bad light.


f. don't even bother with using the bulletin to vent out your frustration about another player - peer mediation exists for a reason.


g. remember this is for IN CHARACTER drama only. keep out of character drama away from the IC stuff. once again,, peer mediation exists for a reason.



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