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idle delilah

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idle delilah

Post by Vivica Sycophant on Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:10 pm

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vivica is what one would describe as a bit of a try hard, so her acquaintances call her "wannabe bellatrix" behind her back. since she lacks character of some ort, she has quite a short wand, so she wouldn't really be that great of an influence.

Friends: vivica is more likely going to befriend those who are into the dark arts like her, especially if they are/were followers of voldemort like her!!! so, it'll probably be sorta hard to befriend her if you don't have the same mindset unless there ends up being something both of them love.

Enemies: she can easily make enemies being into the dark arts and all. she has a prejudice against people who are on the light side, so that probably means hate at first sight because she's like a huge bitch and tends to like it when people have the same mindset as her although she does agree on some points. but, i'm pretty sure she'll have a lot of enemies, especially when it comes to those she had gone to school with yeah.

Lovers: vivica doesn't fall in love easily due to her soul being sorta corrupted with the dark arts although she doesn't mind selling her body if she's in the mood. otherwise, don't even try hitting up on her since she'd probably end up hexing you in the end and she'd probably cast an unforgivable if she really wanted to depending on the situation.

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Vivica Sycophant
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