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Post by Vivica Sycophant on Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:41 pm

NAME: vivica camille sycophant

NICKNAME: vivi, cami, bellatrix wannabe

AGE: 28

DATE OF BIRTH: february 5, 1979

HOGWARTS HOUSE: slytherin alum

WAND: cherrywood, eight and a half inches, unicorn tail hair, not bendy

FACE CLAIM: paris hilton

vivica camille sycophant
for a former death eater, twas rather arduous to think about what it'd be like to be on the light side. in fact, i'd rather not be on the light side. too much "dark magic equals bad!!! don't do it!!" bullshit coming from that side. i admit that i did lose quite a few friends and the respect of others when i became a death eater. why? because of harry fucking potter of course; everyone idolized him and dumbledore when they should've realized that voldemort is the lesser of the two evils in my opinion. i'd sacrifice my life in order for lord voldemort to live on. sure, i agree some aspects were horrible like the stuff against muggleborns since my own father is a muggleborn himself, but i just love the dark arts so much that voldemort's side has sorta always been calling out to me.

of course, it shouldn't be surprising since i was a slytherin; i was and always will be a slytherin. i'm an only child pretty much raised in the wizarding world with some muggle influence. i will admit that i wouldn't mind jamming out to some cyndi lauper when i'm all alone in a room since she's amazing like celestina warbeck. her music is like a mix of cocaine from the muggle world and painkilling potions. it's pure euphoria. now to end my ramblings about cyndi lauper, i sometimes ponder about what it'd be like if voldemort was still living. all i have to say about that is that i don't fucking know. would i ever relive my experiences in hogwarts as people were pleading to me to have me join the light side? maybe, but i'm quite content with being on the dark side, thank you very much.
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Vivica Sycophant
Vivica Sycophant
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Re: SYCOPHANT, vivica

Post by Creepie Creecher on Sun Feb 15, 2015 5:18 pm

you have been accepted! fill out the required claims and start roleplaying!
Creepie Creecher
Creepie Creecher
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