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Post by Denise Lee on Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:10 pm


NICKNAME: idk w/e ppl named denise r nicknamed...dee or st? im not sure.

AGE: 15

DATE OF BIRTH: August 23rd


WAND: Oak wood, 11.7'', dragon heartstring, quite bendy

FACE CLAIM: Heather Graham

Denise has lead a pretty ordinary life, or at least by most most of her fellow Hogwarts students' standards. She was raised with an awareness of the wizarding world and those who possess magical ability from a young age, and her father (who was Muggle-born) was always incredibly supportive and understanding, even though (naturally) he didn't quite understand every aspect of what was going on 24/7. Her mother was/is a witch, and a very creative one, at that, with a great love and respect for all things pertaining to the literary arts. Her father, too, has a passion for reading and writing, particularly poems.
Growing up, Denise was taught to revel in novels and poems. While Denise isn't exactly what one would call a polished, or accomplished, author, she has been known to write immense amounts of fanfiction on ~~~the internetz~~~, and has worked herself up a small following on as a result.
As one might guess, Denise is a huge partaker in fandom, but in the worst, most obnoxious way possible. She's a bit of an elitist, and tends to ostracize others who don't share the same interests as herself, though it's never really intended to be rude or hurtful. More, she's used to being ridiculed for her interests by others, and therefore is automatically wary of others. She will forever in her mind be the geeky, misunderstood one, which is part of why she has the tendency to leave people who aren't similar to herself out of her social circle. Basically, if you're not willing to scream over x-rated Sherlock fansmut with her, she'd rather steer clear of associating with you.
ur amigo(amiga? idk) the salad leaf. gmt i think

Denise Lee
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Post by Creepie Creecher on Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:24 pm

you have been accepted! fill out the required claims and start roleplaying!
Creepie Creecher
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