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create desire

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create desire

Post by Icarus Snape on Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:39 pm

subdermal horror☆
vanity addict i know you want it swelling under hide hollow corpse perfume constricted cover the stench inside they only love you 'cause you make them pretty beautiful victims of your devil candy make up is the mask you wear when the façade breaks hey hey candy shell is deadly sweet bitter after taste----------
icarus snape
ok so this is icarus, a lil' slytherin with quite a few ravenclaw qualities but he wants to have fun!!! he likes to explore the muggle world because its technologies are more with the times compared to wizarding britain, and he just fits right in there when he's not in his hogwarts robes!!! he's also severus snape's youngest twin son so like beware because he has a bit of an anger problem at times!! god i'm so bad at the whole writing out a shipper thing omfg

friends: icarus prefers to hang with the slytherins because he practically grew up in it due to his dad's job,,, although he wouldn't really mind hanging out with those in ravenclaw or hufflepuff. however, he can't stand gryffindor at all because he feels as though they quickly make actions without thinking of the consequences,,,, but if doesnt find you annoying enough for being a gryffindor, he'd make the effort to not force himself to interact with them

enemies: i guess one could say that he could easily make enemies,, really i just want some drama and stuff so go wild with being an enemy of him. most of his enemies would have to be in gryffindor though to be honest.

lovers he's really into the whole "soulmate" kind of shit to where he's desperate to find the one by fucking around with a few guys only to immediately know they're not the one,, so i guess one can say he isn't really looking but that he's also looking at the same time??? he wouldn't mind doing some casual fucking from time to time (obviously it wouldnt be written but you guys get the idea) if it means it can advance his plans in a way, especially if the guy he casually fucks has something that he wants

Icarus Snape
Icarus Snape
pic and lyrics :
Maniac martyr, out for the kill Kult devil rider, gettin' queer for a fix Poison puppet, lick the shit off my boot You're a shell of a man, selling flesh to transcend Down with the boys, yesterday's void Give me your strange drug Down with the boys, yesterday's void Give me your strange drug
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