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So Do You Two Fondue? ~ An AU Post-'First Avenger' Marvel RP

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So Do You Two Fondue? ~ An AU Post-'First Avenger' Marvel RP

Post by Peggy Carter on Thu Feb 12, 2015 6:16 am

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The war is over! HYDRA is in shambles and the Red Skull is dead. However this victory was not without great sacrifices. Many died in the fight against HYDRA but in the end their sacrifice brought victory. Now it's time for the survivors to reassemble their broken lives, mop up what remains of HYDRA, and to prepare for the next war - the Cold War. Former allies have turned against each other; the more life changes the more it stays the same. Rumour has it that the Soviets have also developed a super-soldier code-named The Winter Soldier, though whether there is any truth to this is unknown.
So, Do You Two...Fondue? is an AU Marvel Post-'First Avenger' roleplay. We are set after the movie, during the last years of the Strategic Scientific Reserve after which it'll transition into SHIELD. Steve Rogers is still out there in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, while Howard Stark desperately searches for his friend. Bucky Barnes has been snatched up by the Soviets and is being sent on assassination missions. The war has broken many lives; now it's time to rebuild and carry on. And in the meanwhile, how about a little fondue?

☆Newly revamped site, so lots of canons are open.

☆Canon characters not your thing? We welcome original characters with open arms!

☆AU plot time-lines, so players are able to replay past canon events with their own spin on it.

☆Friendly community open to rpers of all experience, from newbies to rp veterans.

☆Active admins, so you'll be accepted and rping in no time.

☆150 word count.

☆Villains especially loved and wanted! After all, HYDRA needs to begin rebuilding itself somehow...
Peggy Carter

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