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Post by Creepie Creecher on Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:49 pm

about the guide
this is the guide to the wizarding world on BAD WORD FOR A GOOD THING. this will get updated as the years go on on the site, so it is important to check this thread often, especially if you have no clue what's going on.
ministry of magic
although it isn't noticeable, the ministry of magic is progressively becoming more and more corrupt as the months go by. they constantly make deals with criminals secretly getting them out of azkaban, list anyone who even used dark magic once as threats to the wizarding world even if they're unaware on the spell used being dark, concealed the reasons for many isolated attacks throughout wizarding britain, and many attempts to limit freedom trying to keep witches and wizards in tradition has failed. pro-pure-blood laws are starting to reappear despite all of the efforts to eradicate blood superiority. scared of new technology leaking in from the muggle and international wizarding worlds, the current ministry of magic workers are trying their best to keep all of the wizards in britain from finding more efficient ways to do things with objects such as cellphones and computers.
unlike the muggle world, the wizarding world is much more accepting of same sex marriage and polygamy, so it is completely legal. although there are a few in support of arranged marriages in order to add more to the wizarding population wanting to raise their voice.
laws regarding the dark arts
the dark arts are discouraged with the unforgivables being illegal; the ironic part about it is that government officials are using the unforgiveables occasionally for death penalties but covering up the usage to not cause a scandal.
laws regarding animagus
all wizards who are animagi MUST be registered. failure to do so will mean being on probation for five years.
on BAD WORD FOR A GOOD THING, there are three sides to be on with many side organizations and societies made for those on whatever side they are. the three sides are: light, neutral, and dark. those who are on the light side follow the teachings of those like dumbledore. neutrals who rather not pick a side due to being unsure or because they'd rather not get in the middle of things. those who are on the dark side are inspired by those like salazar slytherin and voldemort; many of the wizards and witches on the dark side is or was a slytherin. the most well-known organizations for the two extreme ends are the order of the phoenix and voldemort's death eaters. due to stuff happening to them or being drawn to a side just seems natural, there are wizards and witches who end up changing sides or choosing to not be affiliated with a side at all.
for those looking for a job, students of hogwarts may start getting apprenticeships down in hogsmeade once they are fourteen years of age on or before september 1st. for apprenticeships under a potions master, defence master, etc. a student must be either at least fifteen or sixteen years of age depending on how young a master would want their apprentice to be at the least.

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