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Post by Creepie Creecher on Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:55 pm

the following are the out of character and in character rules. it is very important that you read these so you don't end up banned from BAD WORD FOR A GOOD THING.
1. join with your character's first and last name like this: Harry Potter. none of the all in caps or all in lowercase stuff since it'll automatically display as one or the other.

2. since it's a pg-13 forum, you have to be at least 13 to join or mature enough. there'll be a few mature stuff though and swearing is full-out permitted, so there'll be characters who cuss almost all of the time.

in character

3. you may only play as your character unless you get permission from another permission to god-mod or if you choose to also use an NPC.

4. mary sue's and gary stu's aren't allowed.

5. smut isn't allowed due to forumotion policy. you MUST fade to black.

6. pregnancies are allowed, just ask a staff member.

7. we allow characters of all sorts of sexual orientations, etc. because we'd rather not limit creative freedom.

8. you can only kill a character if you get permission from the other person and if you talk about it with a staff member.
out of character
9. Don't go around posting stuff that'd just clog up the forum. It'll immediately get deleted.
10. Whatever you post in an OOC discussion MUST correlate with the topic. I don't think anyone would like you to reply about your favorite pizza toppings when talking about a movie like Shrek.

11. No minimum word count at all OOC, but it doesn't mean you can only post a picture of the sad frog meme with the word "same" under it.

12. No double posting unless you're in the arcade on another account. An edit button is there to help you.

13. You can only advertise in your signature, the advertising board, and the website part of your profile.

14. Obviously, the forum isn't about popularity. Popularity is only a thing IC anyway.

15. There's only one staff member, but just don't argue with the staff, unless you're in the debate forum and it's a topic both are passionate about in one way or another.

16. Don't beg to be a staff member. It'll get you no where.

17. Once again another common sense rule, discussions about hacking aren't allowed unless it's in the news like the Sony Leaks.

18. DON'T share your account info with anyone. That's asking for trouble.

19. Private messaging is a thing, you can only make a thread towards a user if its in character.<.div>

20. No inappropriate images allowed. Leave that stuff on 4chan or tumblr. You can't risk getting this forum taken down. Cussing is a different matter, so it can be posted on the forum, but slurs are a no-no.

21. Don't give out personal information unless it's something generic like first name, age, country, and state.
22. avatars must be 225x325px.

23. signatures are enabled but not required.

24. feel free to use html templates, just make sure the font is easy to read.

25. since there are those who get triggered, put [TW] in the title of any topic that may have triggers. for applications, just put that there may be triggering topics in the description.

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